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Our Difference

Creativity, collaboration and future-mindedness.


Driven by longevity and future thinking.

We really care about our patients and want to be proud of our treatment. It’s not just our platform of understanding and commitment to results for our patients – it is embracing areas of dentistry that are not well understood.

Our knowledge of function (how our teeth chew, bite and fit together), our understanding of facial aesthetics and our flexibility in offering options and solutions that range from emergency, to transitional to definitive…these things define us and contribute to our difference.  The expertise on our team is substantial and collegial.  We meet regularly to review cases, current science and bring the best solutions to those coming for care.


What Does It Mean To Be a Kois Center Dentist?

The ultimate purpose of the Kois Center is to create world-class performers. It is what Geoff Colvin describes in his book, Talent Is Over-Rated, as “Deliberate Practice”. Dr Andrea Shepperson started her training with the Kois Center in 2006. She is now a Graduate and Mentor of this world class training centre in Seattle. As the Lead Clinician at Lumino City Dental she brings Kois Center thinking to the clinical philosophy of the practice.

Digital Smile Design

The decision to implement DSD was a natural continuum of our desire to bring global dentistry to Auckland. We are NZ’s first Digital Smile Design Clinic, offering technological innovations that are revolutionising dentistry. Our difference allows us to use cloud dentistry to connect teams and experts globally.  We can deliver the best plan for the patient through virtual collaboration and guided dentistry. Precise, predictable and highly personal.

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Our promise to you

Everyone's mouth is different, we promise to assess you in terms of your current conditions and work with you to develop a future plan based on your individual needs. Our difference, and our promise to you is that 'one size does not fit all'. Let's work together with transparency to find the best way forward for your unique and very personal needs.

Dr Mark Taylor and Dr Andrea Shepperson built City Dental at Quay Park with these goals in mind, helping patients of all ages and walks of life receive a personalised care plan.