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High Tech Dentistry

Thinking globally

Our commitment to bring the latest international trends and technology to provide leading-edge care in our community has created one of New Zealand’s best equipped offices. We compete with the worlds best facilities and have taken advantage of many advances in dentistry.

eMax High Strength Ceramic
The marriage of CAD technology and this beautiful, extremely strong and natural ceramic, allows us to a biologically complimentary porcelain crown that mimics your own teeth. we control the process in every step from imaging and design to sintering and colouring in a high temperature furnace.

Digital Xray
Instant xray images from digital sensors allow rapid diagnosis. Images are displayed within seconds on screens with significantly less exposure to xray radiation.

CEREC 3D One Step Porcelain Fillings
Now impressions are a thing of the past. Using sophisticated 3-D technology we can design and create a porcelain filling in one appointment. Our on-site ceramic facility will custom glaze the porcelain to make it match perfectly with your natural teeth.

Panoramic Xray imaging
Panoramic imaging is an important part of a new patient assessment. It allows a full face view of the dental and related structures. It often reveals hidden problems that would not be detected with smaller conventional xrays.

Digital photography
Digital photography is the cornerstone of record keeping in comprehensive care. Used as an aid for explanation, diagnosis or referral a picture allows dentist and patient to discuss treatment options with great visual recognition and understanding.

Soft Tissue Laser
Used for minor gum recontouring, cold sore (herpes) treatment, periodontal pocket sterilisation and other minor soft tissue procedures, it speeds up healing and can sometimes be used without anaesthesia.

Decay Risk Assessment
We now know that dental decay is a complex disease caused by about 30 strains of bad bacteria that live alongside good bacteria in the mouth. We call these bacteria the biofilm – the furry layer that builds up over minutes and hours after you brush your teeth.

We profile all new patients by taking a sample of their biofilm and assessing the risk of decay. We profile around 20 other risk factors such as saliva output and pH, caffeine intake, diet, gastric reflux disease, medications, smoking, sporting activities – all of these can have an effect on the rate of decay in an individual.

To see the biofilm building up on clean teeth over a 20 minute period watch this movie:

Once risk factors are known we can develop personalised, effective prevention to alter the course of dental disease.

Sometimes we are providing answers and lifechanging outcomes for patients who have had decades of decay. For the first time in their lives they come for an annual examination with nothing to be done apart from professional cleaning.

To read more about current science in this field go to:

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CaMBRA profiling is also critical for those contemplating any kind of recontructive or cosmetic work. Placing high value dentistry without risk management puts the patient at risk of costly redo dentistry after only a few years, as decay continues to develop around newly placed restorations.