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Implant dentistry provides patients with life changing fixed solutions to missing teeth.

Implant dentistry provides patients with life changing fixed solutions to missing teeth.

Careful planning and design is important in any implant case.  Implant dentistry is ideally planned from top down – selecting ideal tooth position and then determining if bone is available to place an implant in the correct position.  We use digital technology, combining CT scans and intra-oral 3D models to place the implant support tooth in the correct position.

Advanced Implant Technology

We have recently integrated the One Guide Implant Surgical Kit into our practice.  This is a fully guided & digitally integrated surgery kit designed to make implants as simple and as safe as possible.

Featuring several precise drilling tools and guide development from Hiossen® Implant, this kit allows for more accurate, efficient and safe surgery with minimal error and drill heating.

missing front tth_2_before retracted before
missing front tth_2_after retracted after

Our patient had damaged his teeth in an accident several years earlier. Two front teeth were extracted and replaced with implants. The design and case planning prior to any surgery is an important step to ensure implants and the final crowns are in the right place. Some veneers completed the case, closing gaps in natural front teeth.


Moderate bone loss can now be treated with predictable bone grafts.

Implant over-dentures can be lifesaving for patients with lower dentures, providing cost effective anchorage for a loose denture with little bone for support.

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