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White Fillings

Need a filling replaced or a cavity filled - choose from a variety of white filling materials to strengthen and enhance your tooth.

Modern dentistry offers great materials to replace old amalgam fillings.  Depending on the size of the cavity we may recommend different options.  Large cavities or filling replacements are best done with porcelain restorations.  Smaller cavities  can be treated with composite resin.


The Problem With Big Fillings

The strongest tooth is one that has never been filled.  Once tooth structure is lost, through decay and placement of fillings, a tooth starts to bend and flex. The result can be stress fractures developing internally in teeth.  We might recommend a strong porcelain crown or overlay for a heavily filled tooth, to prevent flexing and the development of a cusp fracture.

Cracked Tooth video     Single Crown Video

How Do I Know I have A Fracture?

The common symptoms of a cusp fracture are:

  • Pain on biting hard things, sometimes just at a certain angle.
  • Cold sensitivity.

Fractures can’t be seen from the outside of a tooth in most cases. We’ll carry out tests to verify the culprit tooth and recommend a strong cover to stop flexing.  This treatment usually improves the symptoms immediately.  Sometimes a fracture acts as a bacterial highway, allowing a pathway for infection. If the fracture tracks internally then the nerve may become infected and the tooth may need root canal treatment or extraction.  Typically the symptoms include heat sensitivity and ongoing pain.


White fillings - before before
White fillings - after after

There are many materials available today to restore teeth with strength and beauty. Large fillings weaken teeth and allow teeth to deform, creating fractures. We recommend investing in strong porcelain (ceramic) tops for teeth that are custom made from a scan or impression of the tooth and cemented in place. The life expectancy of a composite filling is 5-7 years. The life expectancy of a porcelain filling can be up to 20 years.