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Dental Erosion and Tooth Wear

Dental Erosion and Tooth wear is one of the biggest problems facing patients of all ages today. There are a range of tooth wear treatment options provided at City Dental.

Not just confined to older patients, teens and young adults are also vulnerable, as we lose tooth enamel to modern living.

Tooth Wear Affects Quality of Life

Worn teeth create major issues for patients. The effects range from mild sensitivity, to difficulty eating and facial collapse. We often see patients when pain, broken teeth or concerns about appearance prompt a consultation. There is often a loss of confidence as teeth shorten, the smile disappears and the patient becomes self-conscious.

Dr Andrea Shepperson is part of a global team trained in Digital Smile Design(DSD). See how colleagues at the Top Master office in Brazil used DSD to create an emotional transformation in a case of tooth wear in a young woman.

Managing tooth wear requires more from your dentist – empathy, vision, engineering, design and artistry, precision, communication and compassion.

What Causes Tooth Wear and Erosion?

Tooth wear occurs when teeth lose their hard outer shell, exposing a soft inner layer. It can be caused by a variety of factors:

Acid Erosion: Modern diets are high in food acids which readily dissolve teeth. Gastric reflux also has a major role to play in tooth wear. Acid from the stomach bubbles into the mouth, often during sleep, and causes teeth to rapidly dissolve.

Dry Mouth: Caffeine, medication, aging and stress all contribute to lower saliva flow, creating Dry Mouth syndrome. Saliva helps protect teeth from acid erosion.

Grinding and Clenching: Excessive forces on teeth, caused by stress, medication and some recreational drugs can cause grinding habits.

How Can You Treat Tooth Wear & Acid Erosion

At City Dental we are trained and experienced in recognising tooth wear and offering a range of solutions. These include detailed analysis of the cause, guidance on lifestyle changes, reparative products and rebuilding worn teeth with a variety of techniques to suit all budgets.

Dr Andrea Shepperson has advanced training in anti-aging dentistry and rebuilding worn bites. A Graduate and Mentor at the Kois Center in Seattle, she has restored many worn mouths and lectures internationally on Dental Erosion and Tooth Wear.

Dr Mark Taylor has completed many rehabilitations of worn mouths and our hygiene team are skilled in a comprehensive diagnostic and preventative approach.

What Does Erosion & Tooth Wear Look like?

Erosion creates enamel loss on either front or back teeth, or both.  The result is exposure of yellow dentine, creating sensitive areas that cause pain.  Sometimes just a colour change to more yellow teeth, or the development of thin, transparent edges can be a sign.


To help you recognise erosion, and see how we treat tooth wear, we’ve put together some examples.


DSC_5597_640x440 before
DSC_7485_640x440 after

Severe wear of front teeth as a result of vomiting and reflux. Six front teeth were restored with porcelain crowns, based on Digital Smile Design and a gum lift.

DSD Erosion before
DSD Erosion after

Digital Smile Design and careful measurements formed part of the case planning for this case.

DSC_6002_640x440 before
DSC_9264_640x440 after

Our patient had significant enamel loss which occurred over a long period of time. Acid drinks, such as herbal tea, wine and juice will cause gradual enamel loss. Teeth get darker as enamel thins and fragile edges may break or chip. We restore 8 upper teeth with porcelain veneers to add volume and restore an attractive enamel colour.

DSD Erosion 2 before
DSD Erosion 2 after

All cases begin with Digital Smile Design to develop ideal shapes and proportions. We create a mock up in the mouth to preview shapes before constructing the final custom designed veneers.

DSC_6003_640x440 before
DSC_9278_640x4401 after

The volume changes are significant, taking the teeth from hollow yellow shapes to properly curved forms with subtle characterisations built into the ceramic.

dscf0417 before
dscf0489 after

Reconstruction involves the back teeth as much as the front teeth. Our patient had been drinking an acidic vitamin supplement which had dissolved his teeth, making his bite uncomfortable and creating sensitive teeth.

Nearly every bottom tooth needed to be rebuilt in porcelain.

Tooth Wear Questionnaire

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If you have concerns about your Erosion and Tooth Wear, please contact our experienced team.