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Digital Smile Design

Transforming lives with digital design and technology



Read about the role of digital technology in transforming confidence and function.   The advent of digital technology in dentistry, using video scans, face scanning, 3D printing and CAD CAM technology for manufacture, has taken dentistry to a different level of precision and predictability.

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What is Digital Smile Design?

Digital Smile Design is a process that starts with digitisation of the patient, using new tools and technology in dentistry.  Customers can be involved with the process of updating their teeth aesthetically or rebuilding their mouths functionally.

What makes this technology unique and exciting?
There are no surprises from planning to delivery.  That anxiety that many customers have about how teeth will look in the final result is eliminated.  What we design is what we deliver and DSD allows us to create very natural shapes at the beginning, and deliver exactly the same thing in the end.  We love the visibility across layers of digital information and see more than we ever could using analogue technology.

The degree of visualization for the customer is quite remarkable. When we take a face scan, and can rotate a true render of the face, marry it with a digitally designed new smile, layer all of this information to let the patient see the impact and comment from any angle – customers are involved,   We can copy nature and love the shapes and texture that scanning and milling allows us to reproduce.  Patients are excited and delighted by the process and outcome.  Once we have a 3D printed design it can be created in the mouth, giving a true, smiling, talking render of the final dentistry.

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The DSD Difference

Here's how we can make a positive difference in your life, with Digital Smile Design.