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Dental Fingerprint ® Examination

Using modern scientific understanding, and individual risk profiling, our office will highlight your personal disease susceptibility.

We offer a distinction in our new patient visit.  Our new Dental Fingerprint® patient examination is a unique and thorough view of your mouth in a way that you won’t have experienced before.  Everyone’s mouth is different, much like a fingerprint, and we assess each patient in terms of their current conditions and develop a future plan based on individual needs.


Based around published science and a diagnostic philosophy from the Kois Center In Seattle, our team has implemented a detailed new patient visit, called the Dental Fingerprint Analysis. Like a fingerprint, it will reveal very personal and individual markers of disease. Everyone will be slightly different in their risk factors.

We evaluate 5 key areas of risk in our dental examination:

  • Oral Cancer and Medicine
  • Gums and Bone
  • Decay Risk and Tooth Strength
  • Bite and Joints
  • Smile Characteristics

Far from “just a checkup” this will be one of the most thorough and thoughtful dental examinations one can experience.

Identifying clues, and making sense of them by asking questions like… “Why did your mouth end up this way”, “How did your front teeth become thin and worn down”, “Why are you suddenly getting cavities” , “Why are your teeth and fillings breaking” allows us to develop a profile or signature of your past, current and future patterns of dental disease.

Coupled with technology to quantify risk, we will be able to make accurate predictions of your susceptibility to oral disease and breakdown, and outline the steps to mitigate the risk.

Using colour coding to classify your personal risk as either RED (High), YELLOW (Moderate) or GREEN (Low) our treatment focuses on minimising your risk and helping you get into the GREEN ZONE.

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Risk management treatment strategies take you – specifically and individually – into account when developing a plan to maintain or improve your dental condition. Our goal is to direct you, with understanding and new awareness, how to keep in the GREEN ZONE to stay healthy.