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Veneers are a great option if you would like to improve the appearance of your teeth. Porcelain veneers provide a hard wearing, long term solution to changes in shape and colour.

Transform Your Smile

Veneers are a great option if you would like to improve the appearance of your teeth and smile with confidence.  We design custom-made porcelain veneers, which are thin, shell-like structures placed over the front of the teeth.

As a certified DSD Clinic, we use world-class innovation by Digital Smile Design to give you a smile that’s in harmony with your face and teeth.

  • Brighten and lighten the shade of one or more teeth.
  • Improve the shape and size of teeth and dental implants.
  • Remove any small gaps between teeth.
  • Balance the smile line for improved confidence.


Veneer Case Before before

Tooth wear is common and acid erosion from a variety of sources in our diet is a big factor in enamel loss. Beautiful ceramic restorations were crafted to restore length to 10 upper teeth.

Veneer Case Before before

Beautiful porcelain restorations were crafted to restore length to 8 upper teeth. The result is stunning, and these are hard wearing, very durable material.

Veneer Case Before before

Old composite veneers and tooth wear created a flat, worn smile. We rebuilt our patient's smile and bite for a healthy future using veneers, just in time for her wedding day.

Veneer Case Before before

Our primary goal was to repair damage caused by lemon juice. This involved rebuilding worn shapes and restoring the worn bite.

Why Choose Veneers at City Dental?

Veneers can be life-changing for patients and, done in experienced hands, will last a long time.  Every case needs careful assessment and a dentist skilled in veneers.

What is a Veneer?

A veneer is a thin shell of porcelain or composite filling material bonded to tooth enamel.  Veneers change the shape, length, colour, position and surface texture of teeth.

Enamel is a strong coating on the surface of a tooth which can we treated with an acid gel to roughen it microscopically.  Special resin glues or bonding agents will bind to the roughened surface and create a very strong bond.  This allows a dentist to glue on a porcelain veneer or tooth coloured filling to create changes in shape, position, length and make minor colour changes.


porcelain veneer is a very strong, beautiful and lifelike restoration that will last many years.  The margin of a veneer is placed on enamel with a very tight seal.  In the front of the mouth it is unusual to see decay at these sites in a well cared for mouth. We have patients with veneers that are nearly 25 years old.  The porcelain (ceramic) material is very hard, smooth and durable.  It does not stain, lose its colour and is stronger than a composite resin veneer.

composite veneer is a tooth coloured filling material bonded to tooth structure.  They can be used with virtually no tooth preparation, making them conservative and a cost effective option.  They are placed in a single visit, based on a digital design or waxed design.  The result is immediate.  Composite resin veneers are more liable to wear and tear – staining, chipping, pitting and discolouration – and will not be as durable as a porcelain veneer.

Composite veneers will last 7-10 years and over this time may need some touchup work.  Expect to spend a little on maintenance of composite veneers.



 e before

Composite Veneers to close spaces. Dr Shepperson created a conservative DSD Natural Restorations to restore gaps between teeth developed from gum disease.

Before And After Close Up before
Before And After Close Up after

Beautiful porcelain veneers crafted to restore length to 8 upper teeth.

 e before
 e after

Beautiful porcelain veneers were crafted to restore length to 10 upper teeth.

Kates Story before
Kates Story after

Crowded teeth were corrected with Invisalign, followed by 4 porcelain veneers on worn front teeth.

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