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Full Mouth Reconstruction

We have a special interest in restoring broken down mouths as part of our anti-aging services.

Dental disease, habits such as tooth grinding, trauma and neglect can contribute to a broken down mouth. Circumstances often prevent intervention until the problem is quite advanced.

This is an area which requires advanced dental skills and additional training. USA based training has allowed us to offer this service to our clients. The results speak for themselves.

If you are concerned about your smile, book online for a Dental Fingerprint Examination.

full mth before l before
after full mth l after

Problem: Our patient had worn his teeth through grinding and realised that his tired, worn smile was detrimental to his well being and business image.

Our Solution: A full mouth reconstruction, lengthening his teeth and re-engineering his bite has given him a youthful, strong smile with a smart, business-like image.

preop before
dsc after

Broken teeth, and loss of height facially, created challenges with eating and made our patient look older than he was. We reconstructed his whole mouth with crowns and implants, opening the bite and restoring facial support.

preop before
post op after

Smooth, easy to maintain and strong porcelain fillings provided the support our patient needed and look good as well!

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