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Dr Andrea Shepperson


Dr Andrea Shepperson is one of New Zealand’s best known dentists, for her role in clinical advancement and dental education.  New Zealand’s only Digital Smile Design Master, a group of dentists and ceramists recognised globally for their skill in Digital Smile Design and highly aesthetic delivery of cosmetic and reconstructive dentistry.

Dr Andrea Shepperson is regarded as a global leader in dentistry. She founded Shepperson Education, a dedicated teaching centre for dentists worldwide, based on Waiheke Island where she lives.  Driven by a desire to be at the forefront of dentistry, she has embraced technology, offering patients high tech solutions and great visibility and engagement with technology, materials and efficient workflows to deliver more accurate, predictable and efficient dentistry for patients.

A Kois Center Graduate and Alumnus, from the internationally acclaimed Kois Center in Seattle, she brings a comprehensive Risk Management approach to care to a loyal patient base of 30+ years.


Andrea is here to help

Dr Andrea Shepperson has a special interest in reconstructing worn mouths or damaged smiles in patients.  Tooth wear comes in many guises, and often the first sign of tooth wear is a change in appearance, teeth chipping or breaking and bites changing.  She helps patients from all walks of life find solutions to rebuilding their mouths, using dentistry’s newest technology such as digital design and manufacture, jaw tracking technology with Modjaw to reconstruct a functional avatar of her patients to rebuild a bite, 3D printing, AI and novel materials.

Her skill is finding solutions to problems that have been chronic oral health issues and she works closely with other medical specialties to manage oral health issues that may be impacted by systemic health factors such as gastric reflux disease.

She is also highly regarded for her knowledge about prevention of dental disease. Many of her patients have benefited from a long term plan which has left them with peace of mind that they are disease free, optimally restored and well maintained for life.

Her role extends to teaching dentists around the world about all aspects of dental materials, reconstructive and cosmetic dentistry.  To find out more about her dental education, please visit

Andrea’s dental expertise is world class

As New Zeal;and’s only Digital Smile Design Key Opinion Leader, and working closely with master cosmetic ceramists, she crafts beautiful and natural smiles with skill and an eye for detail. Cosmetic dental procedures include, smile design, trial smile, porcelain veneers and crowns, full mouth makeovers, bridges, cosmetic implants, cosmetic dentures and complex reconstruction of bites and worn teeth.

Teaching around the world

Her role extends to teaching dentists around the world about all aspects of dental materials, reconstructive and cosmetic dentistry.

She is a sought-after speaker who has always enjoyed being at the forefront of dentistry.  In 2020, she opened her own dental training facility on Waiheke Island, Auckland, New Zealand.

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