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Your Smile Journey

Let's walk through the Digital Smile Design journey and find out what is involved.

Digitising You

Our DSD process starts with many digital records, beginning with a scan of your teeth.  This is a high resolution video scan that allows us to build a 3D computerised model of your mouth.   We add photos, video, CBCT 3D xrays, standard digital xrays and video of the way you chew.  We have the ability to create an overlapping, 3D layer of your gums, bone, teeth, lips and face.

2D Design with the DSD App

Our planning starts with a simulation in the DSD App, a clever software that can provide an initial 2D representation of your smile.  A Before/After slider allows you to compare your current smile with the new smile design project.  Share the images with your friends and family.  An optional simulation for patients who want time to consider their options.

Your Case to Madrid

Patients who are ready to move on to 3D Planning will have their digital files sent to the DSD Planning Center in Madrid.  The expert DSD design team plans the entire case and creates digital files to create models, guides, presentations, temporary click-on shells and many other services.  We collaborate in a global team on your behalf, utilising the world’s best experts.

The 3D Mockup: A Smile “Test Drive”

Once we have a case back from Madrid we are ready to preview the new smile with you.  Duplication of exact design shapes allows you to see ‘live in 3D’ how your new smile will look.  This appointment provides information and clarity about the number of teeth we need to treat, any additional treatments needed to give the best result, and the materials we might use.  We create a written plan for you with a timetable of appointments and costs.

Getting Excited About Your New Smile

Many patients want to take selfies at the Mockup appointment and share their new image with friends.  We’ll put together a presentation for you to review the mock-up and discuss with a significant other.  We welcome questions at any time – feel free to email us your queries.

Finalising The Plan

Once you’re completely happy with the design, timing, materials and delivery we can schedule appointments to start your new smile journey.