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Acid Damage with Vitamin C

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Tooth wear and enamel loss was making a smile disappear.

“Sometimes our quest to be healthy overlooks the acid erosive effect of products like lemon juice in water and other chewable sources of acid like Vitamin C.  Prolonged use can destroy a lot of permanent enamel. We needed to bring Simon’s smile back to it’s natural length and give him a healthy bite again. ” Dr Andrea Shepperson

Treatment Timeline

  • Deprogramming to find a new stable bite.
  • Digital scanning to record tooth form
  • Digital Smile Design (DSD) to determine ideal tooth position.
  • Production of a 3D printed model with new tooth shapes and duplication in the mouth as a Mock Up for approval.
  • Rebuilding bottom teeth to increase face height with composite and porcelain restorations.
  • Minimal preparation, preserving as much natural tooth as possible, for 10 porcelain veneers and crowns on worn upper teeth.
  • Cementation of the finished result

Pre-Treatment Views

These images of our patient’s existing teeth show the tooth wear and lack of display of any teeth at rest.

SM Website Images .004 DSC_6138


Deprogramming the Bite

Tooth wear leads to an over-closed bite with shorter muscles and reduced face height. Finding a stable bite at a new height involves wearing a small removable splint for up to 3 weeks to let muscles stretch and find a stable resting point.

SM Website Images .040

Digital Smile Design

The design process is a careful planning exercise in 3D, using scans, xrays, photos and facially driven tooth position to create harmony in the smile.  These images show some of the detailed digital design we undertake to get precision, predictability and a smile that is in harmony with facial proportions and soft tissues.

SM Website Images .005 SM Website Images .009 SM Website Images .012 SM Website Images .011 SM Website Images .014

Emotional MockUp

Once the design is finalised we preview it live in the mouth.  The transformation is instant and our patients get to see the finished result before we start.

SM Website Images .017SM Website Images .020 SM Website Images .021  SM Website Images .024 SM Website Images .027

Rebuilding worn Lower Teeth 

Lower teeth need to be raised in height, to replace lost tooth structure. We can use a variety of materials to achieve this and can tailor our treatment plan to suit individual patient needs, where the cost of dentistry may be an issue.

SM Website Images .031


Porcelain Restorations On Upper Teeth

Beautiful ceramic restorations were crafted to restore length to 10 upper teeth.  The result is stunning, and these are hard wearing, very durable materials.

SM Website Images .042 SM Website Images .044 SM Website Images .045

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