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We are open and seeing patients, existing and new in the Red Light Framework.

Our practice is open and seeing patients in Red Light.  We are welcome new and existing patients.  Please email the office on to enquire about an appointment or book online.  

Dentistry Is Essential

In August 2020 the American Dental Association signed a resolution outlining dentistry as an essential service.  The ADA President said “Whether it’s the current pandemic, a future epidemic or a natural disaster in a particular area, this policy recognises the need for people to be able to continue to access the full range of dental services.  Oral health is integral to overall health — staying well depends on having access to health care, which includes dental treatment.”

We agree and that’s why we have implemented the highest level of safety to deliver dentistry to you with confidence.  Our team are fully vaccinated and we do twice weekly PCR testing to protect you, our families and our community.  We also ask you to protect us and will contact you in advance of your appointment with a number of questions to ensure you are safe to attend for care.

After Auckland’s 2020 lockdown we saw the impact of missed care over many weeks, and the effect of delays in care due to our backlog of work.  The oral health of our patients deteriorated in some cases.  Missing regular hygiene visits for those susceptible to periodontal disease, and the development of decay in patients with a high risk, meant some patients went backwards.  We are here to monitor, and pick up disease early.  We are balancing movement of people around Auckland with needed care.  Don’t put off needed care ….we look forward to seeing you again.