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We’re one of the very few practices in New Zealand to have Swiss-manufactured EMS AIRFLOW®. Airflow therapy is more comfortable, faster and cleans teeth better than traditional methods. Find out why patients are raving about Airflow therapy, and why it’s also good for your overall health.


We’ve implement Swiss designed EMS AIRFLOW®.   Using a combination of a fine powder and warm water under pressure, we effectively water-blast stains and biofilm off your teeth.   Watch the video to see how it works compared with conventional treatment.



The treatment uses a Step by Step process called Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT).  It is a very targeted, effective and gentle way to remove bacteria and deposits on teeth.  Let’s walk through the steps to see why and how it works.


What Is Biofilm

Have you ever felt that furry feeling on your teeth? That’s biofilm – a mix of good and bad bacteria, food and protein glue that creates a sticky matrix and furry layer.  When we brush and floss our teeth, we are removing biofilm.

The Trigger for Inflammation

There’s been a lot of discussion during the COVID-19 epidemic about a ‘cytokine storm’.  This is a reaction the body sets up in response to bacteria or viruses.  It triggers a cellular response that starts a massive attack on important organs in your body.

Biofilm in the mouth triggers a mini cytokine storm in some people, attacking gums and bone.  We know from the COVID-19 epidemic that some people are more susceptible than others, and it’s the same with gum disease.  The reaction varies from person to person, and biofilm is the trigger.  So we try to remove it regularly and effectively to reduce the chance of damage to teeth and gums.

We are getting better outcomes when our patients attend more often for shorter appointments.  Our patients are spending less and staying healthier.

Initial Screening and Risk Assessment

Modern management of gum disease follows a new dental scientific standard for assessing your risk of gum disease.  Not everyone is susceptible but biofilm is always involved.

Our first visit measures your starting condition – is it mild, are there early warning signs for your age, are you asymptomatic and yet have more serious gum disease?

That will vary from person to person.  We are specifically looking:

  • The amount of bone you have around teeth
  • The amount of combined gum and bone you have lost.
    Is there inflammation and bleeding?
  • How much biofilm is around?
  • Do you have contributing health issues, such as high blood pressure, diabetes or heart disease?

Seeing Is Believing

Application of coloured dye solution to highlight biofilm.

Our City Dental patient after Airflow.


The Hygiene Appointment begins with our Oral Health Therapist assessing your mouth and gums.  We then place a coloured dye on your teeth to reveal biofilm (dental plaque) and calculus (tartar). This is a great way for you to see your problem areas, where you are missing and how to adjust your at-home cleaning routine.  If we think you need to improve your oral hygiene, we can discuss better techniques for brushing and flossing, other oral health aids, and discuss factors that may be putting your oral health at risk.

Remove Biofilm, Stains and Early Calculus

Our Oral Health Therapist will remove your biofilm, stains, food particles and early calculus with AIRFLOW®.  Airflow works by projecting a controlled stream of very fine gentle powder, air and warm water onto the tooth to gently remove your deposits. This is a big step in preventing and managing gingivitis (gum disease) and periodontitis.

We also have Perioflow which allows our Oral Health Therapist to comfortably and safely remove biofilm from under the gum.  If you present with more advanced gum disease (periodontitis), we use Perioflow that gently tucks underneath your gums and uses warm water, air and fine powder to remove the biofilm and soft deposits.  This revolutionary technology allows us to manage periodontal disease at a higher level.

Remove Remaining Calculus

Airflow does not remove tough deposits such as calculus/tartar. Our Oral Health Therapist will use an Ultra-sonic scaler to remove calculus and further clean the tooth surface.  Your Oral Health Therapist will discuss with you the amount of calculus present above and below the gum.  In some cases, the removal of the calculus may require several appointments.  Every mouth is unique so we customise your oral hygiene plan accordingly.

A Final Check

We complete a final check with a hand scaler and floss to make sure there are no fine deposits left behind.  Your Oral Health Therapist may incorporate other preventative treatments to your customised plan.  We recommend that you refrain from eating or drinking any foods or drinks that may stain your teeth for the next 24 hours.

What Our Patients Have To Say About Airflow

“I had always delayed going to the hygienist because I have recession and my roots are very sensitive with the treatment. I’d often ask for an injection to numb me to help with that.  Since trying the Airflow treatment, I am blown away.  It doesn’t hurt, my roots are fine as the water is warm and my teeth feel so clean afterwards. All my fine coffee stains go too. “

“I can’t believe how gentle and quick my hygiene visits are now with Airflow. I find that my teeth are also much brighter and whiter after my visit.” 

Book Your Next Appointment

Your Oral Health Therapist will recommend you have a Hygiene visit every 3 -12 months depending on your tailored oral hygiene plan and risk status. Frequent oral hygiene sessions combined with better at-home care helps manage and prevent gum disease. Overall, this helps you to maintain better oral and systemic health.

Request the AIRFLOW® when booking your next Hygiene Appointment with Alzena and Priya and experience the amazing difference.