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Dr Fabricio Pacheco

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With over two decades of experience in transforming smiles, Dr. Fabricio Pacheco is a dentist passionate about smile design, natural-looking restorations, and cosmetic dentistry.

Fabricio is well recognised for his charismatic approach, personally connecting to each patient to provide a comfortable dental experience. By taking the time to understand his patient’s needs and wants, he can provide the best treatment options possible.

Fabricio is constantly looking for dental solutions for chronic problems like grinding, clenching, and treatments for headaches and neck pain (including migraines).  Today’s dentistry requires closer integration between the dentist and specialist doctors to ensure that the patient is receiving truly comprehensive care.

World Class Expertise

Fabricio is a dentist committed to being at the forefront of modern techniques and dental technology to guarantee the best treatments.  In Brazil, he was one of the pioneers in a technique called Guided Implant Surgery, a minimally invasive technique to place dental implants which helps to minimise complications by ensuring that implants are placed precisely where they belong. This technique dramatically reduces the chance of contacting the nerve, sinus, or other critical areas. Fabricio instructs other dentists on how to utilise Guided Implant Surgery to achieve the best outcomes, both functionally and cosmetically.


Outside of the dental practice, Fabricio’s interests include spending time with his friends and family and being active outdoors. He particularly loves running, hiking and snowboarding. Fabricio loves travelling to experience other cultures and appreciating beautiful scenery.

Patient Experience

“The best dental experience I’ve ever had! For someone that isn’t the biggest fan of going to the dentist, Fabricio made me feel the most comfortable in the consult and while in the chair. Always checking in to make sure I wasn’t feeling pain or discomfort. Not only did he crack some dad jokes, but he’s basically Tom Hanks with an accent. Shannon at the front desk was also cherry and helpful. 10/10 would recommend this dentist to anyone.”

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